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Turtle Safe Risk Level

Hi everybody,
I show here the table of the level of risk that I intend to use in Turtle Safe, the risk will gradually decrease as the account balance increases in value.

BalanceRisk %Accomplished
Less than 15.0005YES
From 15.000 to 19.9994.5YES
From 20.000 to 24.9994NO
From 25.000 to 29.9993.5NO
From 30.000 to 34.9993NO
From 35.000 to 39.9992.5NO
Greater than or equal to 40.0002NO

Happy Trading…

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  1. Victor Ramirez Victor Ramirez

    Hi Andrea,

    Andrea, have you thought about lowering the risk in Gold … The stop loss of 130 in gold even with low lots is up to 5% or more of the capital, just with a gold trade you could lose half of a month’s work. Could you consider lowering the risk?



    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      I have done several backtests with the GOLD pair and the current one is the best setting at the moment.
      By lowering the stoploss we would have more losing trades and the gain would also be lower.
      If market conditions change, I will adjust the parameters of this pair, but conditions are not currently in place.

      Andrea Lanza

  2. Victor Ramirez Victor Ramirez

    Hi Andrea,

    Based on your experience with the strategy, Ill configure the copy with fixed lots, trying to avoid my slippage difference.

    Balance: 30k
    All Pairs: 1.00 Lot
    Gold: 0.50 Lots

    I was checking the statement and most of the regular months, the strategy can make more than 200 to 400 pips by month without gold. For my current slippage I think I catch out the 80% of the pips monthly.

    did you think this could be work?

    Apprecciate any advice from you or other customer.


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