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Turtle Safe

Hello traders,
several months have passed since the old Turtle EUR ceased to exist, new strategies were tested and I finally decided to make my new signal public.
Turtle Safe consists of a dozen different strategies, incorporated into a single portfolio.
No Martingale strategy, no grid strategy and all trades come with StopLoss.
At the time of writing, Turtle Safe ranks at number 11 in the Autotrade ranking ( and at number 286 in the SignalStart ranking (
You can also follow the signal statistics on the myfxbook page (, the risk level is set at 5% for each individual trade, who decides to copying my signal can reduce it if you want, using the multiplier.
Hope this signal has even longer life than the old Turtle EUR, it will definitely be safer.

Andrea Lanza

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  1. Vik Vik

    What is a good broker to use this with? With icmarkets sc will there be much slippage,?

  2. Rogie Rogie

    Is this a ea available to buy?

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      here you can find all fxAutomater family expert advisor.

      Andrea Lanza

  3. Ronald Ronald

    Is this a ea available to buy? Your link to fxAutomater does not work.

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      you have to click on the word “here”, if it does not work, type the path yourself in the address bar of your browser.

      Andrea Lanza

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Is nice to see you agian back, Im following the stratategy really look great, can you explain a little bit how it works? for example.
    how many trades at time?
    distance of SL in any trade?
    Is based in the same EA of the Turtle EUR?
    Can I configure my EA same to you?
    thanks a lot

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      Turtle Safe uses a completely different strategy from the old turtle eur.
      First of all, it uses different expert advisors, all with stoplosses.
      I should do the math well, but I believe that the maximum loss is around 150 pips and the maximum of trades that can be opened at the same time is around 5.
      Lately I have added another level of security, adding a trailing stop for all those trades that reach the 1.5% gain threshold.
      In this way, if a retracement occour, the operation is closed anyway with a profit.
      This is a portfolio with different strategies where, in addition to the fxautomater EA, I also use one created by me, which manages the trailing stop activity.
      At the moment I prefer not to disclose the results of these backtests.

      Andrea Lanza

      • Hi Andrea,

        Thanks for the answer, to be confident with the strategy is important to have the backtest, this type of test provides us a view in a long time of a certain strategy.  For example with the old Turtle We knew the mark of our relative drawdown in long term, that give to me the Stop Loss with the last GBPUSD trade as burn your account, I cut my losses in -30% hard to see in time all your account blown up! for that reason I think is important to know the Stop Loss strategy in this new try! For example I don’t see in history trades the stop loss defined. That’s part of my concern to be confident again with a new turtle strategy.

        My comment helps you to be a crystal clear in this new strategy.

        Thanks a lot.

        • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

          I have removed the stealth mode from all pairs of the strategy, stoploss is now clearly visible every time a trade is opened.
          Keep in mind, however, that stoploss are dynamic, what you see written on the metatrader is the maximum stoploss value that can be reached.
          In some cases the operation can also be closed with a lower loss.
          For already closed losing trades, you can make some considerations by looking at how many pips each has lost.
          You can use myfxbook statistics page for example.

          Andrea Lanza

          • Thanks for that Andrea, this is what we need. Im looking rigth now the Stop Loss in the current three trades, thats perfect to be confident in the strategy, Ill follow for this resto of the month and Ill pay suscription in signal start to start copy this system for May. the results really looks great and amazing. Hope this new chance coming with a lot of profit for all.

            thanks sir.

  5. Rogie Rogie

    Results are looking good. But can you explain what makes this so safe,? It just seems like a mix of your different Eas combined together.
    Please explain more about your system

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      soon I will write a post where I explain in detail how my strategy works.
      Briefly I can say that I use six engines to manage turtle safe, all use a stoploss, the sixth engine is entirely dedicated to managing the trailing stop activity when the profit threshold for each single trade exceeds 1.5%, in this way, if a retracement occour, the operation is closed anyway with a profit.
      The maximum loss is around -150 pips and about 5 trades can be opened at the same time.
      I use major forex currencies including gold (XAUUSD) and the strategy runs on a VPS server.
      The level of risk for each individual operation is currently 5%, but it is my intention to decrease it as the capital managed by my portfolio grows.

      Andrea Lanza

  6. Rogie Rogie

    Everyone is concerned that this turtle can blow like the old one. Please provide a backtest so we can be slightly confident in investing

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      OK, soon I will publish a page with links to all my backtests, there will be the possibility to download the report produced by the metatrader and I will also publish the backtests on myfxbook, so that you can use the statistics page.
      I mean Turtle Safe is much safer than the old Turtle EUR.
      To clear the account with Turtle EUR it was enough to have two trades open, the first trade and the recovery trade.
      With a larger lot, in the event of a negative trend it was much easier to reach the stopout very quickly.
      With Turtle safe it takes a sequence of several stoploss trades to drastically reduce your account and however this loss occurs much slower than the old turtle.
      Currently the risk level is set at 5% per trade, but I plan to reduce it as the capital grows.

      Andrea Lanza

  7. JM JM

    Hi Andrea,
    Good to see you back again. Though, I lost a lot of money on the last one!
    Hopefully this will be more successful; as I start out with a very low base with a plan to build up some capital over time.
    I note that your ratings at Myfxbook continue to climb. This must be attract the attention of others so I wonder how many followers do you now have for Turtle Safe?

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      thank you.
      Slowly my followers are increasing, at the moment on fxAutotrade there are 55 live and 72 demo.

      Andrea Lanza

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