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June 2019 – “Turtle EUR” backtest available

Hello traders,
I added to myfxbook the latest backtest that I have made about the “Turtle EUR” system.

You can find it here:


Here you can find also “June”, the latest backtests and .set files.

If you want to compare the backtests with the real account, you’ll find that the opening and closing time between the trades are almost identical.
If in the real account some operations are missing, it is because I manually disabled the pair, since an operation is already open.

Andrea Lanza

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  1. Victor Victor

    Hi Andrea,

    Just one question. Why we have 2 oposite trades, same lots?

    SELL EURUSD 1.1044
    BUY EURUSD 1.1196

    Its any change in the strategy?

    Thank you.

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      Yes due to low trading activities I Made some small changes to the strategy.
      Now 2 independent trade can be Open for the same currency.

      Andrea Lanza

  2. Mac Stef Mac Stef

    Turtle reached again the 1 % per Month again, for the first time since January. And it had a good start into september.
    Let’s cross our fingers, that Turtle is back.

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      Thank you,
      we hope that the period of low activity is over and that Turtle EUR is now running as fast as a train.

      Andrea Lanza

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