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  1. PLtrader PLtrader

    Hi Andrea,

    A few months ago, you used EUR33 and GBP30 settings in WSR pro. For recent months, you are now using the GBP52 settings for GBPUSD. Why did you decide to give up GBP30 that worked well ? Sincerely and congratulations again for the performances realized with TURTLE.

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      depends on the results of the backtests.
      I make tests every month and it can happen that the parameters changed.
      Moreover I have just installed a new version of the engine the 1.3 and, the backtests have given better results with GBP52.
      The number of operations is almost equal to that of GBP30 but the gain is greater.
      There are high and low periods, one must have patience.

      Andrea Lanza

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