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  1. Mac Stef Mac Stef

    Hello Andrea, I decognized, that the accounts balance decreased from 54k to 25k since january.
    What happened? Do Investors pull out their money?

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      you are right.
      I have only € 10000 of the capital manager.
      the remain money come from the investors.
      They can deposit and withdraw at any time.

      Andrea Lanza

  2. Victor Ramirez Victor Ramirez

    Hey Andrea,

    Here we go! Following you “Turtle EUR” in demo since 6 months or more, I decide invest savings here, put 10K real money into a autotrade account with Myfxbook, My first trade reach 9% drawdown, It is a nice welcome, but Im confident the system can handle this currently drawdown, just keep in mind we have tomorrow NFP news. I hope an USD strong.

    what you wait for tomorrow or this currently trades?

    As you say: No pain no gain! But you make me feel pain at the first trade lol.

    Please take me patiente Im new investor in real, it is normal feel this first nervious.

    For much years here with you!

    Victor Ramirez

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      yes, it is normal to be nervous.
      Many other people write to me the same thing, but unfortunately this is part of the strategy.
      Turtle EUR has been on the track for 3 years now and I do my best to make it as safe as possible.
      I recommend using a multiplier = 1 or even 0.5 if your account has a leverage lower than 1:500
      If the recovery trade does not retrace quickly you may find yourself with a very high drawdown.

      Andrea Lanza

  3. Mac Stef Mac Stef

    It’s a bad period since February.
    Very few trades and many of them start negative and close with small profit (0-2 pips).
    3 Months of smal monthly gains behind us and now 2 Recoverytrades in a row.

    Let’s hope for better times.

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      Yes, this is not a very happy time for Turtle. Better times will come, the important thing is that the Recovery Trade (which is the riskiest part) will resolve itself to the best.

      Andrea Lanza

  4. Mac Stef Mac Stef

    And so it did! Well done!
    And now its time for Turtle to show a ‘good nose’ for initial trades, not only for RecTrades.
    Happy Earnings!


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