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  1. Luca Luca

    Looks very promising, good job!

    Is this Wallstreet Forex Robot 2.0, with your configuration?

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      yes you can find the configuration under “Links” section and “Backtests & Settings”.

      Andrea Lanza

      • Hello Andrea,

        I have a couple of questions:
        1. How can I have the .set files in the section “Backtests & Settings”?
        2. What do these .set files contain?

        Congratulations for your systems.

        • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

          under Backtests & Settings section there are files in zip format.
          These files contains the backtest files (gif and html) plus a .set files.
          This files contain the setting values for the Expert Advisor used by Turtle EUR (WallStreet Recovery PRO Evolution).

          Andrea Lanza

  2. Paolo Paolo

    Ciao Andrea sono interessato al tuo sistema, ti scrivo in italiano perche’ ho visto che anche tu sei italiano e per me e’ un grande vantaggio visto che non parlo inglese…
    Come posso fare a seguire i tuoi segnali?
    Devo acquistare un E.A.?
    Ho letto nel commento qui sopra di Luca che usi il Wallstreet Forex Robot 2.0, con la tua configurazione?
    Puoi tradare il mio conto IC MARKET?
    Ho trovato il tuo “TURTLE EUR” per caso girando in internet.
    Se puoi per favore dammi una mano, qualche consiglio, non sono molto esperto.

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      potresti usare il sistema autotrade di myfxbook, il tuo broker dovrebbe essere supportato però non conosco bene i costi perchè non l’ho mai usato per seguire dei segnali.
      Un altro sistema potrebbe essere, anche li c’è il mio segnale Turtle EUR e paghi una quota fissa di 50$ al mese.
      L’Expert Advisor che uso l’ho acquistato qui:
      Come già hai letto, non uso i parametri di default, ho fatto qualche modifica per cercare di rendere il sistema più stabile e per adesso sembra che stia funzionando.
      Mi spiace ma non gestisco direttamente i conti altrui, non voglio responsabilità, puoi usare uno dei sistemi che ti ho elencato sopra.
      Se hai bisogno di altro fammi sapere, magari scrivimi sulla mia mail, qui preferisco parlare in inglese anche per rispetto di chi ci segue.

      Buon trading
      Andrea Lanza


    Hello, Andrea! You are doing a great and necessary job. I studied the tests for the euro/dollar pair and could not find the day when there was a drawdown of 25.57%. If the user analysis to enter the test end date one day later, then the maximum drawdown will be shown at 4.18%. When analyzing separately by year, the maximum drawdown in 2013 was also 4.18%. I think that is the true meaning. Same thing in a pair of pound/dollar. True drawdown is much smaller than the test initially shows. Thus, the settings of the adviser can be made more aggressive to increase profitability. In addition, the test shows that the yield of the adviser decreases every year. Maybe you need to add to add another currency pair to trade?

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      I don’t understand if you did the backtest on your own.
      Did you use the same parameters I used?
      EURUSD and GBPUSD are the recommended pairs and those that have shown greater stability over time.
      I prefer not to add others so as not to increase the risk of having further Recovery Trade.

      Andrea Lanza

      • IGOR IGOR

        Sent a screenshot to the mail


    Hello! I did an analysis of your tests using “Custom Analysis” in myfxbook. For clarification, I can send screenshots to your e-mail, write me the address.

  5. Pascal Pascal

    Hello Andrea, thank you for sharing your experience. To be sure I understand : what settings do you currently use for PAMM TURTLE EUR account with WSrecovery PRO 1.1 ? Is this the one presented in the monthly backtest here published ?

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      yes the settings are always the last that I publish.
      Now the settings are referred to September 2018 .set files.

      Andrea Lanza

  6. Im just come here… To say Thank you Andrea for your spectacular analisys with this EA, and a long job trying to polish this strategy.

    Im testing infinite of estrategies all going to blown up my accounts and losses, Everithing I was looking for , I found here with Turtle EUR strategie.

    Thanks mate, you deserve all your success in your signals and of course, I hope you are accesible working with your community for a long time! And we see your MAM account moving fast to millions!

    Thanks Mate.

    Victor Ramirez

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      I do not have any magic wands but I will do my best to keep the strategy as safe as possible.

      Andrea Lanza

  7. Michele Michele

    Hi Andrea, I saw you’re using some set on AUDUSD pair too. Which settings you’re using?

    Thanks in advance

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      please be patient.
      I will shortly publish the April data.
      However at this link you’ll find the latest backtest and settings.

      Andrea Lanza

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