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June 2016 Monthly Report

Dear Traders,
here the last update after this month, close in loss with a -7.75%.Immagine3

Ludopatico EUR finishing in 60 place out of 363 positions in the ranking of PAMM accounts of Alpari.

In the ranking of myfxbook Autotrade we find a 38 place.

On Alpari, “Ludopatico EUR” collects 21 investment accounts with a total capital of 3,160 euros.

On myfxbook we have 18 live followers with live balance of $31,101.Immagine7

Best regards…

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  1. Amadeu Planagumà Amadeu Planagumà

    Volevo investire in copytrader in myfxbook e ho la seguente domanda:
    Vedo che dopo una perdita moltiplicata per sei o sette, se avessi una seconda perdita di fila, continuerei a moltiplicare?

    I wanted to invest in copytrader in myfxbook, and I have the following question:
    I see that after a loss multiplies by six or seven, if I had a second loss in a row, would you continue multiplying?

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      non è prevista la possibilità che anche l’operazione di recupero chiuda in perdita.
      Se questo dovesse accadere occorre aspettare che il Trend si inverta e che entrambe le operazioni chiudano in profitto.
      Nel mio ultimo post spiego grossomodo come funziona la strategia.


      there is no possibility that the recovery trade will also close at a loss.
      Should this happen, it is necessary to wait for the Trend to reverse and for both operations to close in overall profit.
      In my last post I explain how the strategy works.


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