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Ludopatico EUR: Manager’s Capital increased

Dear Traders,
I would like to inform you about the Manager’s declared investment in my PAMM Account “Ludopatico EUR“. It is included in the Equity and serves to ensure that both the PAMM Account Investors as well as the Manager have the same interests. The only way for a Manager to return their capital is to close their PAMM Account.

The Manager’s Capital has been increased from 2000 to 2250 EUR.

Happy Trading…

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  1. Pablo Pablo

    Hello Andrea,

    I am the main investor in your PAMM. My name is Pablo.

    I am bit surprised about the lack of trading the last days. Is there any explanation for this?.

    Should I be concerned.

    Thank you.


  2. Pablo Pablo

    Yes fine.

    But still I am losing money with you,

    You still have o.5 per cent margin. Otherwise you are out.


    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      Sorry but this is not a lucky period.
      It will be better next month.


  3. Pablo Pablo

    Hello Andrea.

    Unfortunately I had lo leave your account. It has negative mathematical expectative.

    Thanks for all and regards.


    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      Hello Pablo, no problem.
      I wish you better luck with your next account…

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