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  • Hello, how’s your trading?
    I use one Expert Advisor to manage trading operations with Auto Money Management between 0.5% and 3%. The signal run on my own server and, when possible, I constantly watch the open trades. I just open 1 trade at a time.
  • What are the options to access your strategy?
    The best choice is to invest in my PAMM Account on Alpari, in this manner you can put your money at work without the necessity to have always your metatrader running on your computer.
    The second choice is to use the AutoTrade system of myfxbook. You can accomplish this in three simple steps:
  1. Open and fund an account with one of the supported brokers.
  2. Connect the account to Myfxbook in less than 30 seconds.
  3. Choose Turtle EUR system to be copied.

    The third choice is to copy my system on signalstart. You simply need to register an account and subscribe to Turtle EUR. You will not have any markups or hidden costs.
    The fourth and last choice consist to copy my signal on MQL5 website (disabled at the moment, due to high leverage used into my account). All of my trading operations will be duplicated to your metatrader platform (with lot size adjusting based on your account balance) and, in this case, you must have always your metatrader running on your computer.

  • How much does it cost?
    On Alpari you pay 26% on your profits on monthly basis. For myfxbook it depends on the account – with some brokers it is completely free while with others there is a small markup spread (this is due to difference in spreads).
    If you’re wondering why similar services claim to be free, then that’s because they hide the cost in fine print.
    The cost for signalstart is fixed: 40$ on monthly basis.
  • What is the minimum investment?
    The minimum investment are 10 Euro, but I recommend at least 500 Euro.
  • Do you use always a StopLoss?
    Sure, the StopLoss is always set. You cannot see it because I use the option “StealthMode = true” in my Expert Advisor. The StopLoss is hidden to the broker.
    Every trade has a stop loss and risk will be neutralised by moving stop loss to break even after a good run into favourable direction.
  • What is the longest (max duration) you would allow trades to be open for before closing at a loss?
    There is not a typical duration for a trade, when the trade is in a loss the trade is close if some market condition occours, or in a stoploss.
  • What is the max number of open trades at same time?
    1 trade at a time, 2 in exceptional cases.
  • Do you take into account news releases when making trade decisions; things such a non farm payrolls?  Meaning do you keep trades open during high impact news?
    No, I don’t use News filter.
  • Can this strategy blow up my account  or is there some kind of risk parameters in place?
    There are <0.01% of probability to lose  the entire account (see myfxbook statistics), the risk usage is very low.
  • AutoMM: What does it means?
    My account is an automated account, AutoMM is the “Auto Money Management” system for my Expert Advisor.
    Example 1: At AutoMM = 1, the EA opens positions equal to 0.1 lots (10,000) given an account extent of 10,000. This places 1% of the account extent at risk per individual transaction at a loss of 100 pips.
    Example 2: At AutoMM = 2, the EA opens positions equal to 0.2 lot (20,000) given an account extent of 10,000. This places 2% of the account extent at risk per individual transaction at a loss of 100 pips.We can conditionally define the AutoMM with the next examples:
    AutoMM=1.5 and lower can be considered reasonably low risk. If using this level of risk with the EA, your account will survive in any circumstances. You will have enough margin to recover even after very bad drawdown periods. At the same time, you will have enough potential to realize profits and double your account every year. We recommend this level or a lower risk level for accounts of significant importance.
    AutoMM=1.5 to 3 can be considered reasonably moderate to medium risk. If using this level of risk, you will have excellent potential to realize profits and the risk for your account will remain reasonable. In this case, you can expect up to 1000% ROI on an annual basis.
    AutoMM=3 to 5 can be considered relatively medium to high risk. If using this level of risk, the potential for profits is greater, but the risk for your account will be significant as well. The drawdowns of the equity could look really dramatic. It would be reasonable to use this level of risk only on small accounts at the beginning if you want use the advantage of the full risk and profit potential.
    AutoMM>5 can be considered very high risk. I do not recommend a level of risk greater than AutoMM=5.
  • Is there a maximum monthly equity drawdown at which trading is stopped?
  • No, I don’t use this, but if you decide to copy my signal you can set your own limits.
  • How is this signal different than the ones you previously offered that did not do well in the past?
    I try different strategy in the past and actually seems that I find a good strategy. I continuosly made backtest to adapt to the market conditions. In the past I open a lot of trades in the same times, with high profit but also high drawdown. This strategy is optimized for low drawdown and more high recovery factor (gain/drawdown), with less trade open at the same time and more stable.
  • Why you are all the time adding money on the account?
    Turtle EUR is a PAMM investment account on Alpari. This means that more investors can put money into the account and withdrawal at any time. If you have problems to copy the account you can choose Topo EUR. This is not an investment account and nobody can put money on it. This account is the exact copy of Turtle EUR and started with 1000 EUR of initial capital.
  • I am bit surprised about the lack of trading the last days.
    Low trading activity in some periods it is normal, I prefer to open less trade with more accuracy.