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Turtle EUR

Dear Traders,
Turtle EUR closed in stoploss today after days of agony.
I wanted to thank all of you who believed in my system until the last moment and I’m so sorry for those who lost money.
Turtle’s account will be automatically closed in the next few hours.
I will open two new accounts, in the first I will continue to use Turtle with different settings, while in the second I intend to use a completely different strategy.
These systems will remain in the testing phase for six months, we will see at the end if they will be profitable or not.
I will keep you informed, this blog will continue to exist and sometimes I will post updates with the results of my new strategies.

Greetings to all of you

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  1. Ahmed Ahmed

    Any strategy that you will use it will need a SL on each trade. Using martingale or semi martingale will fail one day or the other

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      I intend to carry out two strategies, the first will always use the recovery system with different settings, the second will certainly use stoploss.


  2. Mac Stef Mac Stef

    days of agony

    that fits!
    Thank you Andrea for the time an the conversations.

  3. Sergio Sergio

    Sorry Andrea, you specified that you had a manual hard Stop Loss at -30% Draw Down whenever it was reached (your words: “The 30% drawdown is a limit that I have imposed on myself, if it happens, the operations must be closed manually.”). Clearly you failed to your words and all the ones that were following you. Very difficutl to trust again on a trader that do not follow its own rules.

  4. i lost so much !!!! most of my savings ! i will never follow ur trading ever again !

  5. Vittorio Vittorio

    To all the subscribers:
    System has been profitable for almost 4 year, everyone of us who decided to follow Turtle Eur strategy knew risks and advantages.
    Last, but not least, you should have used only the amount of money that you were ready to lose; this means that no economic disaster should have happened following money management rules.
    Your money is in your hands; be ready to lose it before to be ready to make profits.

    • Sergio Sergio

      The tarder clearly stated that at a loss of 30% of the balance, he would cut the trade. There was a hard stop loss imposed by himself and the trader did not respect it. winning for 4 years and then lose everything becasue you brake your own rules values zero. The risk was know as you say and it was a maximum of 30%. That was borken by the trader and failed to all its followers.

  6. deli deli

    hard stop loss at -30% dd. ridiculous. you failed forever, no matter how many accounts will you open.

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