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  1. richard hand richard hand

    Hello, do Turtle EUR (EUR) and Turtle EUR (GBP) make up the auto trade system Turtle EUR? I find Myfxbook often confusing and any posts I make in the forum simply get deleted. I wondering if your stop loss can be brought closer although I appreciate this is an automated system. Thank you

    • Andrea Lanza Andrea Lanza

      if you mean the “Turtle EUR – EURUSD” and “Turtle EUR – GBPUSD” backtests, yes, these settings are used in the real Turtle EUR account.
      My strategy does not actually use StopLoss, in its place a recovery trade is opened with a larger lot.
      This is why I always recommend not using a risk level higher than Turtle EUR.
      You can find more details in this post

      Andrea Lanza

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